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Free Physical Therapy Dictionary offers a free online physical therapy dictionary that allows users to search physical therapy terms based on first letter or by phrase. This online physical therapy glossary can be helpful in learning physical therapy definitions.

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Top Physical Therapy Dictionary Terms

active range of motionadductionanatomic position
dependent arm positionfrontal axisaxis of rotation
cancellous bonecancercarpal tunnel
open kinematic chain motionclose-packed positioncompression
condyleconnective tissueeccentric contraction
cubital angledensitydiagonal movement
distaldynamic stabilityefficiency
erect postureexternally-perturbed stanceforce
gravitational forcehinge jointindex
humeroulnar jointspheroidal jointLaw of Reaction
longitudinal axismobilityactive motion
muscle powerosteopathic medicineosteopathy
passive motionpercussionreference plane
valgawave lengthwince
Vital SignsUlnar Collateral LigamentPosterior Cruciate Ligament
Maximal Aerobic PowerPhysical Therapy SoftwareTherapy Software
Physical TherapyHome Health Therapy SoftwareMediGraph Physical Therapy Software
LojerLojer physical therapy equipment
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plane joint

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